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SaaS Solution for Smart City

gestionnaire de parc


  • Accuracy of information
  • Differentiated access according to profiles
gestionnaire de parc


  • Use for all and available 24 hours a day
  • Feeling of belonging to a community
  • Improvement of the quality of life at work


  • Furniture and location management
  • Follow-up of user requests
  • Maintenance management
  • Reuse of obsolete furniture
  • Technical architecture IFC SAP BIM
Les services
  • For Occupants
    Easy access to the company's work environment services

  • For Business Managers
    Real-time monitoring of requests

  • For Service Providers
    Direct management of interventions

  • For Managers
    Have a compliant, updated and localized stock
    Simplify the link between employees and their company

Pilotage & Gestion

Monitoring & Management

Manage your furniture, your employees and your intervention services thanks to an ergonomic and user friendly interface

Pilotage & Gestion

Services to users

Optimize for your users a better use of the goods and spaces at their disposal

Pilotage & Gestion

The inventory is well ans truly outdated.

Our idea: implement a SaaS solution to benefit from an accurate and dynamic survey of environments while connecting the furniture to its occupants, both managers and employees. In concrete terms, QR codes and RFID tags identify and geolocate all pieces of furniture and associated spaces. The analysis of the data of movements and rotation of the furniture allows a reasoned resizing of the storage volumes and becomes a precious help for the choice of the equipment. Finally, the QR codes open a gateway to a customized application of services to the occupant and administration of goods, spaces and associated requests for managers.

The employee can thus report a malfunction or make a personalized request for intervention. Autonomous, the solution is a complement to existing information systems and CMMS applications. Perfectly compatible with BIM, it provides access to notices permanently attached to furniture and spaces, interactive management of intervention tickets and efficient follow-up of requests between occupants and internal teams.

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